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Waste 2 Bio / Partners

IMECAL have experience in chemical, petrochemical, bioprocess equipment design, manufacturing and lignocellulosic bioprocess design: from laboratory to engineering design and manufacturing. IMECAL are the developers of the innovative PERSEO Bioethanol®: Process patented technology for obtaining bioethanol from Organic Municipal Waste.

The Biotechnology Processes Unit at IMDEA Energy has an intensive background on studying anaerobic digestion of organic waste to produce either biogas or volatile fatty acids. Particularly the nutritional demands of the facultative and methanogenic microorganisms degrading waste substrates.

EXERGY have experience and know-how in chemical and environmental process design, simulation (AspenOne/SuperPro) and optimisation of process facilities, as well as in the development of basic engineering for chemical processes. Exergy have extensive knowledge in the scaling-up of biochemical and chemical processes, and experience in waste processing projects to obtain valuable bioenergy products.

CIEMAT’s Liquid Biofuels Unit have a broad background in the development of processes and technologies to produce bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass, working on the main step of the global process: pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation.


“This project has received funding from the ERA-NET BESTF3 and has been co-financed by CDTI and MINECO in Spain, DECC in UK and by the H2020 Framework Programme of the European Union”