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WASTE2BIO Project – Innovative process to produce clean biofuels from waste to be demonstrated

Image of kick of Meeting celebrated in April 2017, IMECAL, Valencia, Spain

WASTE2BIO is a European Initiative which will demonstrate production of bioethanol, biogas and fertilizer from the organic fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) using an innovative process based on PERSEO® bioethanol production technology. The project relies on collaboration of a consortium of partners: Spanish R&D Centres CIEMAT and IMDEA, UK engineering company Exergy Ltd, and project coordinator and demonstrator IMECAL.

Aside from the technological enhancement, WASTE2BIO will validate and demonstrate at a semi-industrial scale an integrated process, considering the cost-efficiency of the systems as well as assessing environmental impact through lifecycle assessment. It is expected that a new more efficient MSW model can be commercialised as a result of the project reducing costs of MSW management by 20% compared to conventional treatment methods.

“WASTE2BIO will maximise the recovery of convertible fractions, produce renewable fuels, minimise the sub-fractions that go to landfills and promote recycling of components that remain in the MSW, hence, create a new more sustainable and efficient model for the MSW management in Europe”, says Catherina Coll Lozano, Coordinator of the project.

The project launched in April 2017 with a meeting to plan for project activities at the facilities of IMECAL and with the participation of the all project partners.


This initiative is funded as part of the ERA-NET Co-fund programme entitled Bioenergy Sustaining the Future 3 (BESTF3) which aims to promote the greater use of bioenergy by encouraging the development of bioenergy demonstrators with high potential for commercialisation.

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